KryloffArts has been established to represent abstract and decorative artwork produced and made solely by Vladimir Kryloff. 

Vladimir was born in Vilnius , Lithuania. He graduated in the United Kingdom where he lived and studied for five years in the Univeristy of Birmingham and the University of Reading. After his graduation, he moved and settled in Vienna, Austria.
Inspired by the great masters of the XX century such as Wassily Kandinsky,  Kees van Dongen, Mark Rothko, Willem de Kooning, Richard Diebenkorn, –Vladimir Kryloff finds his own ways of expressing and conveying the experiences of the surrounding space .
His artworks are largely devoted to the performance with color producing strong metaphysical sense, which is enhanced by the meaningful and very alive paint strokes. The paintings executed in abstract expressionist style provide the spectator with the impressions of energy and strength on an essentially physical level and at the same time expose in a very subtle and sensual manner the artist impressions of his world through solid brushstrokes and their movement on the canvas surface.

Please also visit Vladimir Kryloff fine art page at www.vkryloff.com !